Grupo MCI | La Molanta Restaurant · Barcelona
La Molanta Restaurant by Grupo MCI
Linear Flex®, GRUPO MCI, H-Light, SLV, Uma, Baba, Flexalighting, Downlight Orientables, One Light
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La Molanta Restaurant · Barcelona


La Molanta is an informal restaurant located in the Sant Antoni quarter of Barcelona. It offers a healthy, international cuisine and instant service.


The interior design, by Frederic Perers, defines the establishment along minimalist lines and has a relaxing atmosphere which distances it from the gaudy image of traditional fast food restaurants. These premises were also considered by us, when we carried out the lighting project.


For general lighting, fixed and adjustable LED downlight with a color temperature of 3000K were installed. The fixed LED downlights allow us to illuminate the space very evenly, and the adjustable ones give us the flexibility to illuminate special areas that we want to highlight, as in his case the local signage.


On the right side of the local, three bar-type tables have been illuminated with a 1W wall-mountings (UMA) fixture that provide asymmetrical light. UMA combines high performance with compactness in a minimal and discrete yet effective compositional element.


On the left side, we find a wooden bench that combines with the central table and low stools. To provide quality, high-performance indirect lighting in this area, flexible strips Linear Flex® 3000K were installed. Linear Flex® is very flexible LED stripe that can be installed easily onto any surface. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces.


Finally, on the façade we can find a large wooden T with indirect lighting that separates the interior from the outdoor. This wooden structure integrates two different types of lighting; spot light at the entrance and the interior and exterior bar through 3W mini downlight (BABA), and indirect lighting at the upper part of the structure with flexible LED Stripe Linear Flex®.



Interior Design:
Frederic Perers

Jorge de Jorge

Products used:
Linear Flex® (GRUPO MCI)
H-Light (SLV)
Uma y Baba (Flexalighting)
Downlight Orientables (One Light)


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