Grupo MCI | Kaskazuri restaurant, San Sebastián
Grupo MCI has been responsible for the illumination the reform of Kaskazuri restaurant in San Sebastian
Linear Flex RGBW, Sleek Line, Downito70 Square
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Kaskazuri restaurant, San Sebastián


The reform of Kaskazuri restaurant in San Sebastian, which has been designed by Juan Alvarez interior designer, is in full performance. Grupo MCI has been responsible for the illumination.


For the illumination of the main dining rooms, as well as for the events and disco multipurpose room, was selected a dynamic light in which the level of luminosity could be adjusted, as well as the color of the luminaires


Restaurant managers can select different lighting scenes throughout the dynamic illumination depending on the time (lunch or dinner time) or the type of event or needs that each space requires. The dimming control protocol used has been DMX 512-A.


The RGB+W and Dynamic White LINEAR FLEX® led strips have been used to illuminate the dining rooms coves. SLEEK LINE® luminaires of 1 and 2 meters in 3000K have been installed in the wooden slats ceiling of multipurpose room that provide general illumination for events or once dimerized to create the ideal atmosphere of a disco club. Also, the RGB LED strips located on the shelves and in the bar, give a touch of color in this space.


Project name: Kaskazuri Restaurant
Project location: San Sebastián – Donostia. (Spain)
Interior Designer: Juan Álvarez Interiorista
Light project: Amaia Urbina e Iñaki Prego (Elektra)
Distributor: Grupo Elektra
Product used: Linear Flex RGBW y DW, Sleek Line, Downito70 Square
Photograph: Cipri Lasheras Cuenca (main floor) and Arkaitz Etxepeteleku (ground floor)


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