Grupo MCI | Astronomy Museum, Makkah
Grupo MCI has now finished an important project to light up six floors of the new "Center for Crescent Observation and cosmology Center"
LED High Power
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Astronomy Museum, Makkah


Grupo MCI has now finished an important project to light up six floors of the new “Center for Crescent Observation and cosmology Center”, located in the Abraj Al-Bait Towers.


The Abraj Al-Bait Towers are located in the center of Makkah, in Saudi Arabia. This impressive complex is currently the largest building ever built in the world (size by mass), the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and the world’s second tallest building in the world with its 607 meters.


This architectural masterpiece houses the impressive Center for Crescent Observation and cosmology Center where Grupo MCI has develop a custom made fixture for the general lighting for the 4,500 m2 center.


For the general lighting of the six floors of the building, 22,700 high power LED lighting points were installed on the air vents. 22,000 of the units are 1W power consumptions and 700 are of the type units 2W, both with a protection rate of IP 65, due to the location of the lighting points. The 2W fixtures are used as emergency lights in case of a power cut.


The installation of this iconic and impressive project was full supervised by professionals from Grupo MCI, who during more than eight months have been commissioned to carry out control and site supervision of 30 workers for the successful installations and operation of the fixtures.


The resort is located in front of Masjid al-Haram, where the famous Kaaba is located. For this reason, the Abraj Al-Bait Towers have a space for prayers, with capacity to accommodate almost 34,000 people. Furthermore, the tallest tower contains a luxury five-star Fairmont Hotel to help accommodate the more than two millions pilgrims who visit the resort every year.


The hotel tower is headed by the world’s second tallest clock on the world, the Royal Clock Tower. The outstanding feature of the 40 meters tall clock face, which announces Muslim daily prayers, is visible from a distance of up to 17 kilometers. At night, the golden crescent moon at the top of the tower opens up, form where spotlights generate beams of light rising up to 10 km into the sky.


…..Soon we will have pictures from the project……


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