Grupo MCI | The Royal Walls of Ceuta 
GRUPO MCI has illuminated these amazing walls with 90 Square Grazer® 2x66 LEDs RGBW floodlight
Square Grazer® 160W RGBW
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The Royal Walls of Ceuta 



To enhance the natural beauty of the walls and the cannons with a low power installation allowing the colours customization on specific days. The walls have been built in the year 962.



To use a lighting solution that will remain integrated in the walls so that the main character is the light and not the spot. The solution needed to assure that in the no-specific days, the architecture would be enhanced with a pure white, so a RGB+WHITE light needed to be used.



90 Square Grazer 2×66 LEDs RGBW projectors


Project location: Ceuta (Spain)
Light project: Manuel Jurado / Grupo MCI
Distributor: Guerin Grupo Sonepar
Product used: Square Grazer 160W RGBW (6000K) 10×50º
Photograph: Coca & Carmona


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