Grupo MCI | Spa Zen Balagares · Asturias
Spa Zen Balagares by Grupo MCI
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Spa Zen Balagares · Asturias


Spa Zen Balagares located in Corvera from Asturias -Spain-, is largest Spa of Avilés with a surface of 2,500 square meters. With unique facilities it is the perfect place for those who know how to enjoy health and ἀtness and all the water beneἀts on their multiples ways.


Grupo MCI was the company in charge to illuminate the thermal area of the Spa with the LedFloodStrip® IP67 RGB. A suitable ἀxture for indirect lighting and to highlight the impressive interior of the spa.A total of 200 meters of LedFloodStrip® with 60 LEDs/m were installed and controlled by our soft-ware MundoSoft, which allows the customer to crea-te diḀerent moods following its needs. The result is a colour changing environment which the visitor will appreciate.


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