Grupo MCI | Siete Gallery · Valencia
Siete Gallery by Grupo MCI
Linear Flex®, Display LED
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Siete Gallery · Valencia


Art and jewelry together – An alliance that has always been a goal for Siete Gallery, as you can see in its newest space in Hernán Cortés 28, in Valencia.


To highlight this fantastic space, several types of luminaires from GRUPO MCI have been used. As a general lighting, flexible strips from the Linear Flex® range were installed in different powers and with a color temperature of 4000K. Linear Flex® 16W as a cove lighting, and the 9.6W version with opal diffuser for the floor. These luminaries are totally integrated into the space and run through the jewelry from end to end.


The range of Linear Flex® are the flexible linear LED solutions, for applications with limited space. Those fixtures are used to provide high performance indirect lighting. The product is very flexible and can be installed easily onto any surface. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces.


To reinforce this lighting, frameless recessed downlights were used. Those type of downlight perfectly fits into the space and make them aesthetically unnoticed.


Finally, to illuminate the jewelry collection exhibited on the display cases, LED display luminaires from SLV were installed in 3000K. The floodlight has a powerful LED providing the best lighting solution for cabinets and display cases.


Siete Gallery 


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