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Showroom Yamaha: Glenos Led
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Showroom Yamaha · Madrid


Recently, Yamaha opened a new Showroom in Madrid, and GRUPO MCI was selected as the lighting company in charge to light up the new space.


For the general lighting, 38W LED projectors, with a color temperature of 4000K and a beam angle of 36º, were installed.


This type of adjustable projectors for three phases rail track system, are perfect for shops and commercial lighting spaces, for their high efficiency and versatility.


To achieve different lighting effects in the same space, the projectors are available in two different beam angles: 15º beam angle for accent lighting or to highlight different architectural areas or 35º to illuminate general spaces, surfaces or elements of larger exposure.


Finally, to create a comfortable visual environment in the sales points, GLENOS LED linear suspension luminaires with a color temperature of 4000k, were installed.


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