Grupo MCI | Sarcelles Church, Val-d'Oise · France
Sarcelles Church by Grupo MCI
Line Grazer
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Sarcelles Church, Val-d’Oise · France


The renovation of Sacelles Church, located in Val d’Oise, France, was finished this summer, for an estimated total investment of around 2,6 million euros.


In addition to the refurbishing of the floor, roof and painting, the facade of the ancient church was illuminated with LED technology provided by Grupo MCI, to enhance the architectural features of the landmark of the city.


42 Recessed Line Grazer® RGB 600 mm were installed to illuminate the facade.


Line Grazer® is a linear lighting wall washer with robust aluminium housing and a UV resistant glass cover. The product suits perfectly for highlighting outdoor applications offering powerful and efficient wall washing effects and providing a high environmental protection grade (IP66) as well as impact resistance (IK09).


Line Grazer® is available in a range of monochromatic or color changing temperatures, controlled via DMX or DALI. Also a wide range of beam angles and mounting options are available.


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