Grupo MCI | Room Mate Anna Hotel · Barcelona
Room Mate Anna Hotel by Grupo MCI
Linear Flex®,Horn GU10
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Room Mate Anna Hotel · Barcelona



The Room Mate Anna is one of he four establishements that the hotel chain Room Mate has opened in Barcelona. Together with Room Mate Pau, Room Mate and Room Mate Carla, they reinforce their commitment to be present in the core of the major capitals of the world. MCI GROUP is in charge of the hotel lighting.



To enlighten the hotel, several downlights fittings have been installed, they offer high lighting performances creating uniform and very comfortable spaces. Linear LED stripes of high efficiency indirect light.



To light up the main entrance, the hall and common hallways, the idea was to combine squared and round recessed downlights in order to offer a direct light with flexible stripes Linear Flex to enlighten the decorative round cavities along the hotel entrance and hallways.

For the general lighting of the restaurant area, downlight Horn GU10 have also been installed. The professional recessed downlights serie Horn is characterized by its high visual comfort due to the light source depth which reduces the glare and also by its sober and minimalist design.

Moreover, for the backlighting of columns and beams very present in that area, the Linear Flex shave been installed.


Architecture & Design
: Alting Grupo Immobiliario
Interior Design: Lorenzo Castillo


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