Grupo MCI | Opera Theatre of Maracay, Venezuela
Grupo MCI luminaires are used to light up the indoor and outdoor refurbished building the Opera Theatre of Maracay.
Line Grazer, Square Grazer®
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Opera Theatre of Maracay, Venezuela



Maracay’s Opera house in the state of Aragua (Venezuela). This infrastructure has been declared National Historic Monument in 1994.



Both for the indoor and outdoor lighting of the Opera house, 380 LED lights have been installed, 220 volts wires of 15.000 metres in order to offer an increased lighting power and reduce the original electricity consumption of a 70%.



To obtain a uniform lighting on the façade, it’s important to note that two kinds of LED projectors have been used. For the upper parts of the façade, some high powered projectors Square Grazer® have been installed, in different versions, 40 LEDs, 66 LEDs y 66×2 LEDs, and in the lower parts, the recessed and surface linear projectors Line Grazers® have been installed, both in RGBW version.



Architect: José Pulido


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