Grupo MCI | NH Pódium Hotel · Barcelona
NH Pódium Hotel by Grupo MCI
Horn GU10,New Tria MR16
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NH Pódium Hotel · Barcelona


NH Podium Hotel located in Barcelona recently refurbished its installations, and Grupo MCI participates in the lighting project. Some of the areas that our company light up are; conference and meeting rooms, entrance and lobby.


Create a great first impression is the most important when someone get into a hotel. Light influences people’s emotion, that’s why the light plays an such an important role. The hotel has to create a friendly, clear, and inviting atmosphere to the customers.


Lobby and reception are the heart of every hotels operation. The guest arrives here, comes in contact with personnel, and enjoys the service of the establishment for the first time. That’s why it’s very important to have the right light. For the general lighting of those areas recessed dowlight Horn GU10 were installed. Horn is a range of professional recessed downlights that are mainly well known by their high visual comfort antiglare, due to the depth of the light source, and for its discreet and minimalist design.


A other important area to plan a good lighting concept for are they conferences and meeting rooms, since different scene settings are needed for different activities where concentration and comfort visual are very important. So we need to be able to create different lighting scenarios within the same area; whether it is plan a professional presentation a formal dinner.


In this occasion, to illuminate these areas New Tria MR16 with LED bulb were installed. New Tria is a versatile and dimmable recessed downlight, which provides high efficient and uniform light distribution.


New Tria and Horn are two types of lighting solution that seamlessly integrate into the interior architecture of the hotel NH Podium Barcelona.


An optimal lighting system can help you create comfortable and attractive atmospheres, highlight security for guests, reduce energy costs and reduce maintenance costs. That’s why it is essential to have professionals to carry out this type of lighting projects. Lighting can be the key to make your hotel success.



Distributor: ABM Rexel • Julio Palacios

Installer: Corporación Edifintel
Arquitecture: CR76


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