Grupo MCI | Meydan Hotel · Dubai
Meydan Hotel by Grupo MCI
Linear Flex®
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Meydan Hotel · Dubai


Dubai contains many world class attractions and places to stay; like the The Meydan Hotel, the world’s first five-star trackside hotel, located a short distance from Dubai’s business center. The one kilometer long building is a hotspot for equestrian fans and architecture lovers with its 227 lavish rooms framing the racecourse, where the action can be viewed from any angle – even when having a soak in the tub.


When you get in to the spacious hotel lobby, you get completely astonished by the cove lighting reflection effects created with our flexible Linear Flex®. In total more than 15000 meters of Linear Flex® Ultra Plus warm white were installed on the roof of the different floors to create this effect.


The new ranges of Linear Flex® (Basic, Plus, Ultra Plus) are flexible linear LED solutions, for applications with curving linear surfaces or limited space. Those fixtures are used to provide high performance indirect lighting.


The products are very flexible and can be installed easily onto any surface. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces.


Cove lighting allow to create unique atmospheres and it is also perfect for highlighting architectural elements, such as coffered ceilings, or unusual shapes, designs and lines.


Project Architect and Interior Designer: TAK


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