Grupo MCI | La Ferrera Restaurant · Valencia
La Ferrera Restaurant by Grupo MCI
Euro Spot GU10
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La Ferrera Restaurant · Valencia


The restaurant “La Ferrera”, a landmark among restaurants in this old picnic area , is located just a few meters away from the beach Pinedo, in Valencia. Exquisitely renovated to provide a privileged environment in a wide gastronomic offer of typical dishes from Valencia and Mediterranean cuisine with a touch staff and careful presentation, makes this restaurant a great place to escape from the city.


For general lighting, Euro Spot GU10 from SLV by Grupo MCI has been installed. These types of projectors are very useful to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere providing visual comfort on the tables.


Euro Spot GU10 for 3-Phase Track System is a swivable projector up to 350º available in three different finishes: white, black and silver-grey. Its compact size allows the projector to be easily integrated into the local architecture creating a perfect atmosphere without putting the light sources in the spotlight.


Lighting plays an important role for any restaurant or bar and is a key factor for a customer to have a positive or negative experience. In addition, the lighting is normally responsible for 25-50% of total energy consumed in a restaurant. For those reason, it is very important when you choose a lighting source to be well advice by lighting professional – who came make your lighting project become a success.


Distributor: Ame Material Eléctrico


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