Grupo MCI | Grand Medini Iskandar · Malasia
Grand Medini Iskandar by Grupo MCI
Downito® 70 Square,LedFlooStrip® Dot Free
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Grand Medini Iskandar · Malasia


For the facade lighting of the modern building of the British School of Gandía, flexible strips Linear Flex Basic of 5W / m, IP67, with a color temperature of 4000K, were installed. This type of illumination helps to delimit the different floors of buildings in an elegant way with great visual impact.


The range of Linear Flex® are the flexible linear LED solutions, for applications with limited space. Those fixtures are used to provide high performance indirect lighting. The product is very flexible and can be installed easily onto any surface. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces.


The British School Gandía, Valencia, is a large educational complex located at the outskirts of the city of Gandía, created as a result of over 25 years of educational experience at the British Schools of Alzira and Xàtiva, which have more than 1,000 pupils of 60 nationalities every year.


A new centre which is created with the aim of covering the demand for an individualized British education in the Safor region and surrounding areas. Its objective is to become one of the best private schools in Spain.


A modern campus, excellent teaching quality and the presence of pupils of a variety of nationalities makes BSG a new educational option that is difficult to beat.

Installer: Eelectricidad Simó Bañuls.
Distributor: Peisa Gandía


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