Grupo MCI | Exhibitions Through Labyriths
Exhibitions Through Labyriths by Grupo MCI. SmartLed Flex® is a flexible linear lighting product for both indoor and outdoor (IP 66) applications.
SmartLed Flex®,CCCB, Barcelona
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Exhibitions Through Labyriths, Barcelona


Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) presents the exhibition Through Labyrinths. The exhibition that will be opened until the 9th of January of 2011, has more than 250 meters of SmartLed Flex® Round (200 m in green and 60 meters in white).


This exhibition, scripted by Ramon Espelt, curated and designed by Oscar Tusquets, with Jorge Wagensberg as advisor, reviews the concept and representation of the labyrinth throughout history, making a clear distinction between single-path labyrinths and mazes, labyrinths with a choice of paths, and reflecting on the relevance of this element and different practices and uses today.


SmartLed Flex® is a flexible linear lighting product for both indoor and outdoor (IP 66) applications and it is available in round or square finish. It is perfect for architectural illumination that provides a high performance homogenous light to highlight the perimeters and outline of buildings, bridges, etc.


SmartLed Flex® has 100 LEDs/m SMD (3 in 1 for RGB version) enclosed in special flexible polymer material, which allow the product to be bent into different winding shapes and the product is protected against UV rays thanks to the silicone outer shell.


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