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Ayre Hotel by Grupo MCI
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Ayre Hotel · Barcelona


At the end of October 2009, the prestigious Hotel AYRE ROSELLON, located in the heart of Barcelona and only one minute away from the iconic Barcelona landmark Sagrada Familia, was inaugurated.


The lighting system project commenced in 2004 when architect Carlos Narváez of Wortmann Architects(formerly WB Architects) requested MCI Group to design and implement a lighting proposal for the ambient illumination of the hotel lobby with colour changing RGB LED technology.



The architects were inspired by the architecture of Gaudi, and they wanted to imitate the warm toned light inside Sagrada Familia when sunlight shines on the glass of the façade for the hotel lobby. The effect was further enhanced with the RGB changing colours which were used to simulate different seasons of the year.

There are 87 windows of 2.3 meters height, and the customer do not want the installed light source to be seen, therefore, all the illumination products had to be integrated into the architecture of the hotel.



Once we understood the desired effects from the client, MCI Group proposed the following solutions:


In order to duplicate the warm toned light inside Sagrada Familia when sunlight shines on the glass of the façade, MCI Group proposed Ledfloodstrip with 60 RGB LEDs /m, embedded into a custom made aluminium profile which hold the glass panel in place. The glass panel was silk-screen printed with light-guiding patterns, in order to evenly distribute the light.


The glass panels are transparent as the light-guiding patterns are not visible during daytime, but the glass panel will change into an illuminated coloured surface once the lighting products are switched on.


The resulting ambient illuminations with MCI Group products achieved what the architect had envisioned for the hotel.



The lighting system is controlled with our DMX 512A controller Mundosoft Stand Alone. MCI Group programmed two dynamic programs “winter” with reddish colours, and “summer” with bluish ones, and two steady fixed programs, one of which incorporate the corporate colours of the hotel.


These specific lighting schemes enabled the client to adapt the colours of the lobby to a variety of occasion and functions.


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