Grupo MCI | Apolo Theatre · Almería
Apolo Theatre by Grupo MCI
Linear Flex®
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Apolo Theatre · Almería


Almeria’s Apolo Theatre reopens its doors after a renovation that lasted three months, and where the City has invested 170,000 € that have allowed the renewal of furniture, painting, lighting, etc.


One of the most significant changes is the integration of luminaires with LED technology, which provide high efficiency and energy-saving.


Linear Flex® Ultra Plus 144W/m warm white by Grupo MCI have been used for general lighting. These lighting system have been installed as cove lighting with the intention of providing high performance indirect light.


Linear Flex® is a great solution for applications with curving surfaces or limited space. Its small size enables it to be seamlessly integrated into architectural spaces. Those fixtures are used to provide high performance indirect lighting.


In the stage area, Linear Flex® RGB has been integrated in order to make changing colors depending on the show and customer needs.


The mayor of Almeria, Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendador, said “after twenty years of use, this renovation was necessary. The refurbish of the façade and the interiors will allow all the citizens to use the installations and enjoy them”.


Constructor: Albaida Infraestructuras
Installer: Montajes Eléctricos Requeña Ibañez
Pictures: Courtesy of City of Almeria Press Office


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