Grupo MCI | 200 offices illuminated · Caixabank
GRUPO MCI was selected to illuminate the new and innovative CaixaBank offices, using Downito® 90.
Downito® 90
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200 offices illuminated · Caixabank



The new offices A and Caixabank stores attempt to respond to the habits and needs of the today’s customers and to get closer to the retail distribution mode so as to improve the customer’s shopping experience in the office.  The aim of the A offices and Store is to create an environment where the customers can live a different experience.



The general lighting of all the offices is performed by downlights with a 3000K colour temperature and a CRI>90.



To get this kind of lighting, some downlights LED Downito® 90 with two opening angles to get differents lighting effects have been installed. Downito® 90 with a 55º beam for the confined areas and Downito® 90 with a 105º beam for the remaining areas.



Customer: CaixaBank
New Image Design: Estudio Francesc Rifé
Installation company: SUMASA


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